Who can benefit from the UGLee Pen?

Everyone and anyone can benefit from using Dr. Lee's Ultimate Grip Pen. The UGLee Pen was designed for every hand, from big to small. It doesn't matter if you write all day or if you only write for five minutes a day. After using the Ultimate Grip Pen by Dr. Lee, you will never want to use another pen again. If you do not love the pen, send it back and Dr. Lee will give you 100% of your money back, guaranteed!

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Dr. Lee's Ultimate Grip Pen Testimonials
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Testimonials About the Ultimate Grip Pen by Dr. James Lee.

  • The Gimpy Girls


    Marty's favorite pen had been a Viagra promotion pen she lifted from a hospital desk last winter. It writes nice. It looks nice. It says Viagra down the whole length of one side.

    Marty thought she couldn't like a pen more until this week when the mailman brought us the UGLEE Pen - 'UG' standing for Ultimate Grip and 'Lee' for the physician who spent eight years obsessing over the pen's design.

    Most pens must be gripped a specific way, with a specific amount of tension, which eventually makes your hand feel crampy. (In Marty's case, she holds a pen too tightly, which means cramps after about five minutes.)

    Not so with the UGLEE Pen - which is quite homely. With the UGLEE Pen, you pick it up and it sort of sticks to your fingers without being sticky. It's very comfortable and we'll be buying more.

    Dr. Lee, who has a BS in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale and a medical degree from Stanford University School of Medicine, has this info-filled Web site and several videos, including this one, which explains the thinking behind his pen and how it works.

    He's also handsome, which always helps, and so we have a crush on Dr. Lee, though he's already told us via e-mail that he has a wonderful wife and his only mistress - now and forever amen - is his pen - remnants and prototypes of which litter his garage.

  • T. Hayes, Canton, OH

    "I just love the UGLee pen. Even though I have many pens, your pen is now the only pen that I use. I am a third grade teacher and write all the time. I also have rheumatoid arthritis with swelling and deformities in my hands and wrists. It seems as though my right wrist has not bothered me nearly as much since I started using your pen. I have red, blue, green, and white UGLee pens. I use them so much that I had to order the ink refills again. I love the smooth, bold ink. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful product."

  • Dr. Kevin King, Georgia

    "I LOVE the UGLee Pen - it really is comfortable to use! Antimicrobial foam products tend to leave my hands slippery. But, because of the the amazing texture of the grip, I get a firm hold of the pen. Keep up the good work!"

  • Jerry Fox, Milford, OH

    "I've used the Uglee pens and they seem to work well with my hands which have carpal tunnel, arthritis AND diabetic neuropathy. I am still no Hemingway, but at least my printing is legible now. Thank you Dr. Lee!"

  • Debra Eisel, Damascus, MD

    "Your pens are the very best I've ever used. I have tried two other ergo type pens and found them very awkward. The UGLee Pen is comfortable and really works. Less pressure is needed to write and they are easy to hold !!!! I have MS [Multiple Sclerosis] and these pens are a blessing. The more I use it - the more I love it!!

    Also, my handwriting looks like it used to before I had a problem with my hand. With the other pens, they were so cumbersome to hold and so uncomfortable to use that after I wrote something it looked nothing like my handwriting. This was upsetting and frustrating. This is another reason that I think the UGLee Pen (love the name !!) is the best. Thank you for inventing the UGLee Pen!"

  • Gloria Merino, RN Case Manager IV Wound Healing Center, CA

    "Thank you Dr. Lee for designing this pen. The UGLee Pen has completely taken away my mild carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, my 11 year old daughter and 5 year old son are greatful for having this ergonomic pen help them write better."

  • Chris S, Indiana

    "I am an UGLee Pen user for life. I just ordered some for the whole family. I love the UGLee Pen I know my family will too."

  • Ozzie Terrazas, Surgical Tech, El Centro, CA

    "I had purchased your UGLee Pens before and one by one they disappeared. I thought I was losing them. It turns out that they were "stolen" by my mechanic father and in turn from him by his crew. 'Eveybody likes the way they write,' was the only defense. I just ordered more."

  • Johanna Ashcom, RN, Ebensburg, PA

    "I have arthritis in my thumb. I had been trying to find a pen that made writing tolerable, I couldn't imagine that I'd find one that would actually make writing pain free. The UGLee Pen did exactly that."

  • Peggy Iredia, RN, Shreveport, LA

    "Since using the UGLee Pen, I've noticed my writing pains are gone and the callus on my middle is as well! I had problems with manicures before as they had to actually cut into it to fix my cuticles. Now I can show off my beautiful hands!!"

  • Nancy W, RN, Baytown, TX

    "My mother, who loves to keep in touch by writing cards, and I, an admitted crossword fiend, both suffer from writing pains. I have neuropathy due to carpal tunnel syndrome and my mother suffers from arthritis. The UGLee Pen helps us enjoy what we love in life! Oh, and it is now an ESSENTIAL for my work as a nurse."

  • Ellen S. & Jorge S., FL

    "We Love our UGLee Pens! We can't believe how comfortable they are! We immediately noticed the difference. We also love the way the pen writes (the ink is better than most used in most high end pens). We are so glad we found your website! We told all of our family and friends, but made sure they knew that they had to get their own!"

  • Edgar G., MD, CA

    "As a busy doctor, the most dreadful part of my day is writing in and signing charts. My hand would almost cramp up just thinking about that part of my day. The UGLee Pen is great for this. I was always losing my pens before, but I always know where my UGLee Pen is. I refuse to practice without it."

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