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UGLee Pens are sold in packs of three, all in the barrel color of your choice. UGLee Pens come standard with a super-smooth, bold, black ink. UGLee Pens are refillable. Ink refills are available in additional colors as shown.

Shipping Information

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All shipments are handled by USPS. Orders will be shipped within three business days of receiving payment. Each order of Dr. Lee's pens comes with an additional $3.95 charge for shipping and handling. If you are purchasing multiple packs of the same color, you will only pay the shipping and handling once.

Payment Method

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To ensure your payment is secure, Dr. Lee utilizes PayPal to accept all major credit cards. For wholesale transactions, alternative payment methods are available. If you have any questions or concerns regarding payments, send us a message on the contact us page.

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Order Ink Refills

10 - pack of Ultra smooth Ink

Each pack of 10 ultra smooth ink cartridges costs $15.00 + $2.95 S & H

Black Ink
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Red Ink
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Wholesale Pens
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If Dr. Lee's Ultimate Grip Pen looks like a product that your company would like to carry or sell, please feel free to contact us to receive a bulk order price list. We are always looking for business opportunities that can help share Dr. Lee's pen with the rest of the world. Bulk order pricing will only be provided to licensed buyers, whole sellers, and distributors. Contact Us.

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The Ultimate Grip Pen is an amazing gel grip pen that was designed by a physician. Dr. James Lee developed his ergonomic pen with X-ray technology? What better way to design a pen around your anatomy. That's why it is called the Ultimate Grip Pen.